About Us

A survey conducted by the master card worldwide financial literacy index for the first half of 2012 has ranked India 20th in financial literacy four spots behind china, in the asian pacific middle eastern region.

Knowledge is power. With an endeavor to empower you with financial knowledge, we at HASANWANGDE.COM decided to spread financial literacy through our website HASANWANGDE.COM.

HASANWANGDE.COM promises you that we will continuously share the knowledge, news and views which will help you take informed decisions when it comes to management of your money. This in turn will help you invest across different asset classes thus building wealth in a long term. Most of us are busy earning money but lack the time to collect basic facts about various savings and investment options available to us. Many a times, due to paucity of time, we depend on Insurance Agents or Independent Financial Advisers, Relationship Managers from banks or Distributors, Chartered Accountants, Stock Brokers and sometimes even neighbours and friends to guide us to save/invest our hard earned money.

Remember, it is your money and only you can take good care of it. We will make savings & investments simple and easy to understand so that you’ll be able to make correct choices for you and your family. Remember your decision will decide if your money is working for you to help you achieve your financial goals or quietly eroding the value of your money.