Investment means using the money to make more money. In other words, it means purchase of an asset or a financial product which is expected to give profit in future. Investments made for a long term always helps one to accumulate wealth.

It has been noticed now a days the younger generation do not have patience to hold the financial product for a long period. Instead they go for quick returns by trading in stock markets. This is not investment. It is called speculation. Traders who speculate in the stock and or commodities markets with the intention of making money on a daily basis can best be called gamblers.

One should invest his/her hard earned money into financial products after thorough analysis and finding out your risk taking ability. If you are investing with for a short term you should invest into debt markets and if you are investing for a long term then you could consider equity market.

There are different asset classes where you could consider investing / investment. Details of various asset classes are given here.