There was a time when the family car lasted a lifetime. Even today you may find an Ambassador parked in the garage of an old Bawa.

However, times have now changed. Cars are shown the exit door even as they are in perfect working condition. Why not buy the latest model on the block. Life after all is about consuming the best. Why wait. Why give time. And who wants an old contraption requiring constant repairing.

Forget cars, these days, even people are being made to exit jobs prematurely. Look around and see for yourself and you’ll find that most new age companies’ oldest employees are under the age of 50.

A perfectly healthy and employable person is being discarded like a new car is.

This brings us to the risk of living as against the risk of dying.

Life insurance to large extent will take care of risk of dying but what do we do to guard ourselves against the risk of living.

With life span on the rise and people crossing 80 quite easily and with the exit door being shown to people when they are 50, how does one maintain lifestyle for 30 years.

Thanks to the Indian economy leap froging it’s way forward and gifting us returns upwards of 10%, we do have a solution provided we are educated.

Thanks to power of compounding; the eighth wonder of the world, it is possible to survive and that too well if one takes small steps on the investment path earlier on in life (latest by 35 to 45)

One mustn’t forget that risk is not only in dying prematurely but also in living till the end.

Stay Healthy, Be wealthy and a Wise Investor.
Financial Planning Ensures Efficient Management of Your Money.