What Is Market Research

Gathering information by using statistics and analysis about target market or customers is called Market Research. It helps the companies to know what are the current requirements of their customers and also potential requirements in future. It also helps in getting information about the competitors and the performance of the industry. Based on the inputs received from the analysis, marketing strategies can be planned and implemented.

Anyone wishing to start a new business can use market research to study the feasibility of the new business and also test or improve the products and or services as per the customers demand and requirements.

Some business houses test their products by exposing the product idea to their prospective consumers and the response and reaction from these consumers is very helpful in making changes to the product or services. Generally this is done using a series of questions designed to measure various reactions, feelings and opinions.

Similarly in stock markets, many broking houses have their Research Analysts who help the brokers and their clients identify stocks which show potential of growth.

Following are the benefits of stock market research reports.

Fundamental Research

These research reports help the investors to understand and select the stocks to invest in on the basis of the strong financial health of companies, future prospects such as demand, supply, production ability, competition etc.

Macro-economic Research

Market conditions, Government polices and the fiscal health of the country play a very important role in the business environment of the country which in turn reflects in the stock markets. The stock market is the barometer of the countries economy.